The post-conference field trip represents an introduction to the complex geological history of the Malé Karpaty Mts, the westernmost Carpathian core mountain. The Hercynian (Variscan) crystalline and metamorphic basement, overlying sedimentary Mesozoic cover in the Tatric Unit, and the Permian basalts will be visited and discussed during the field trip.

Post-conference field trip route

October 11, 2019 (Friday afternoon)

Stop 1:  Smolenice–Jahodník (Driny Cave; Cretaceous limestones)


October 12, 2019 (Saturday)

Stop 2:  Modra-Harmónia quarry (Variscan Modra granites and contact metamorphism)

Stop 3: Dubová (Variscan Ca-Si skarn)

Stop 4: Lošonec quarry (Permian basalts of the Hronic Unit)

Stop 5: Hlboča Valley (Mesozoic sedimentary sequences) and the Molpír fortified settlement


Field trip fee: 80 € (incl. accommodation and dinner on Friday, breakfast and picnic lunch on Saturday)