Smolenice Castle ( shelters the Congress Centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, where numerous congresses and symposiums with international attendance take place here. Smolenice village is located about 60 km from the capital city Bratislava in north-east direction, on the eastern footfills of Malé Karpaty Mts (Little Carpathian Mts.). Bratislava is connected by regular flights from several European aiports, but also from international aiport Schwechat Wienna with frequent connection by coach to Bratislava bus station. Smolenice can be reached by car from route Bratislava – Pezinok – Častá – Smolenice (50 km) or from highway Bratislava-Trnava – further via class 1 road Trstín – Smolenice (75 km), or by bus connection Bratislava–Myjava (or Nové Mesto nad Váhom) or by train Bratislava-Trnava, change to train Trnava-Smolenice-Kúty or backwards from Kúty (close to Czech-Slovak frontier)-Smolenice-Trnava.


Congress Centre of Slovak Academy of Sciences in Smolenice Castle provides possibilities for a high-quality accommodation in single- and double rooms. Accommodation costs for four nights of staying in the Smolenice Castle will be included in conference fee. The details of costs and arrangement of accommodation will be announced in second circular.

Social events

Meeting point of the IWAF-10 will be in Bratislava, providing a possibility for sigh-seeing of historical and cultural places of this capital city in evening on April 18th 2017. The social programme at the Smolenice Castle will begin on April 19th 2017 by evening icebreaker party. The conference dinner will be offered on April 21th 2017.

Travel information

Arriving to Bratislava:

By car:

The motorways in Slovakia are toll based. You need an e-vignette: ( to use Slovakian motorways and expressways in Slovakia. Electronic vignettes are also available at many petrol stations near border crossings. For further details:


By train:

There is one central railway station in Bratislava: „Bratislava hlavná stanica“ (Main Railway Station). For more information and tickets:


By bus:

International buses arrive to, and depart from „Autobusová stanica Mlynské nivy“ (Main Bus Station). The bus station is one of the central public transport spots in Bratislava, so you can get here easily using wide variety of buses or trolleybuses. The trolleybus number 210 provides the connection between the bus station and the Main Railway Station and the journey takes no more than 10 minutes.


By plane:

Letisko M. R. Štefánika – Airport Bratislava (BTS) is located in the eastern part of the capital city of Bratislava, with a direct link to the D1 motorway by-pass. You can travel from BTS to the city by public transport (bus 61, 96), taxi, minibus. Vienna, Schwechat Airport has international bus connection to Bratislava. For tickets and timetables see: or


Public transport:

Tickets are available at every public transport stations in Bratislava (train, plain, or international/domestic bus stations). Please always buy your ticket before entering one of the transport vehicles. More information:

How to get to Družba Hotel:

From „Autobusová stanica Mlynské nivy“ (Main Bus Station)

Most SNP with bus line 70
Botanická záhrada with tram line 4


From „Bratislava hlavná stanica“ (Main Train Station)

Botanická záhrada with bus line 32


From Vienna, Schwechat Airport

Most SNP with international bus connection Vienna-Bratislava
Botanická záhrada with tram line 4


Map of Bratislava with the location of Družba Hotel and train/bus/tram stations:


Bratislava line network:

Bratislava line network


How to get to Smolenice Castle:

By car:

For route planning we recommend to use google maps


From „Autobusová stanica Mlynské nivy“ (Main Bus Station)

Buy a ticket at the Main Bus Station to Smolenice, OcÚ (Smolenice, municipal office)


From „Bratislava hlavná stanica“ (Main Train Station)

Trnava with train line Os 2019
Smolenice with train line Os 2608


Conference venue – Smolenice Castle: