Geoscientists for Ukraine

Dear colleagues and friends from the Slovak Academy of Science, Comenius University, Matej Bel University, State Geological Institute of Dionyz Stur and many other anonymous benefactors from Banská Bystrica, Košice, Bratislava and other places from Slovakia.

We sincerely thank you for reacting to our request for help. Thank you for your financial, material and medical support to the Ukrainian Army. In total, 4315 euros have been collected for a short period. The raised funds were used to purchase the necessary items of tactical medicine and personal protection. A total of 70 decompression needles, 65 hemostatic gauze (CELOX Rapid), 55 CAT tourniquets, 35 Israeli bandages (6 “), 50 isothermal foils, 36 chest seals were purchased, and many other medical supplies to complete the military first-aid kits and the needs of military field medical stations.

Also, thank you for collecting different candles, from which special dugout candles are produced in Kyiv. They are essential for both the army and the civilian population, which is forced to stay in cold shelters during enemy shelling. In total, about 300 kg of candles were collected over the entire period. In the collection of candles, we express gratitude (Scouts from Banská Bystrica, Stefan Moyses Catholic Grammar School, inhabitants and priests of the Slovenská Ľupča, Priechod a Nová Ves nad Žitavou villages, Nitra Family Center).

Together with our volunteer friends (Ievgen Poliachenko, Maryna Komar, Gennadiy Silchenko, Liubomyr Gavryliv, Olena Rybnikova, Rastislav Milovský, Marina Vidhya, Pavol Myšľan) the necessary items were completed and sent to the places of active hostilities in the east and south of Ukraine.

Fundraising for tactical medicine continues…

Anyone who wishes can donate money to the card

MBank SK08 8360 5207 0042 0774 8671 (Kurylo Sergii)

A photo report on money usage is attached below.

Thank you all again!

Earth Science Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences