Laboratory of isotope and organic geochemistry

Finnigan MAT 253 (ThermoFisher Scientific)

The laboratory is dedicated to analysis of light stable isotopes from any matrix, including compound-specific analysis of organic mixtures.

Isotope ratio mass spectroscopy (IRMS) – Finnigan MAT 253 (ThermoFisher Scientific)

  • Gas source mass spektrometer for light stable isotopes of C, N, O, S, Si, Ar, Cl, Kr, Xe up to m/z 150, 2 collectors for HD, 9 collectors with dispersion 450mm for CO2, N2/CO, O2, SF6, SiF4, SO2
  • Universal continous-flow interface

Elemental analysis of H, C, N, O, S

  • Decomposition and quantitative analysis of H, C, N, O, S by pyrolysis or combustion
  • Online output into IRMS, attachable autosampler


  • Isothermic gas chromatograph with multiport valve for repeated sample input into IRMS,
  • Automatized preparation unit for carbonates with cryofocusing loop and attachable autosampler


  • Gas chromatograph for separation of organic mixtures with programmable temperature regime up to 450°C, gradient up to 120°C/min, pressure range 0-1000 kPa, with up to 8 ramps, attachable autosampler.
  • Online output into 1.) IRMS for compound-specific isotope analysis, 2.) ITQ for molecular identification.
  • ITQ – organic mass spectrometer with ion trap quadrupole for and quantitative molecular analysis in mass range 10-1100 dalton, full scan MS or MSn (max. n=5), automated collision energy with choice of parallel collision energies.

Laser fluorination

  • Infrared laser fusion for microextraction of O2, SiF4, SF6, CF4, CO2 from any matrix for isotope analysis using CO2 laser (λ=10064 nm), samples cca 1 mg
  • Ultraviolet laser photoablation for in-situ microextraction of O2, SiF4, SF6, CF4, CO2 from any matrix for isotope analysis using excimer laser (λ=193 nm), spot-size ~ X0 μm

Vacuum purification line, online output into IRMS

Contact person:

Mgr. Rastislav Milovský, PhD.

T:+421 48 321 3316
Workplace Banská Bystrica