Geomagnetic Observatory

Geomagnetic observatory building

Hurbanovo Geomagnetic Observatory of the Earth Science Institute SAS is the national institution for monitoring and interpretation of the variable Earth’s magnetic field.

The observatory was officially founded on September 30, 1900, by Dr. Miklós Konkoly-Thege – local noble, renowned scholar, and director of the the State Institute for Meteorology and Earth Magnetism in Budapest. The historical names of the observatory were successively Ógyalla and Stará Ďala.

In 1998 the Hurbanovo observatory was officially connected to international program INTERMAGNET – the global network of real-time working geomagnetic observatories.

The variations of geomagnetic field are continuously recorded with two instruments: torsion photoelectric magnetometer (TPM) and three-axis fluxgate sensor Magson. In addition to recording the variations, absolute measurements are performed twice a week; for this purpose DI-flux theodolite (type Lemi) and proton precession magnetometer (type Elsec 820) are used. The processed data are supplied to the INTERMAGNET data centre in Paris.

IAGA code of the observatory: HRB

Coordinates of the observatory:


Contact person:

Mgr. Fridrich Valach, PhD.

T:+421 35 760 2211
Workplace Hurbanovo