Laboratory of mineral separation and sample preparation

brusiareň Banská Bystrica

The sample preparation laboratory provides facilities to prepare geological samples for a wide range of analytical methods. These include:

  • solid sample cutting, crushing, grinding and homogenization using slab saw (Vinci Technologies), jaw crusher, disc mill (Fritsch Pulverisette 13) and agate ball mill (Fritsch Pulverisette 6)
  • wet and dry sieving and grain size analysis (Fritsch Analysette 3)
  • mineral separation and concentration including gravitational methods, water table, Frantz® Model LB-1 magnetic separator and heavy liquid separating station
  • clay minerals separation
  • preparation of thin sections, polished thin sections and doubly polished wafers using vacuum sample impregnator Buehler Cast n’ Vac 1000, high precision saw Buehler IsoMet® 4000, thin sectioning system Buhler PetroThin and polishing machine Buehler AutoMet® 250
  • extraction of microfossils from sedimentary rocks

Contact person:

RNDr. Adrian Biroň, CSc.

T:+421 48 321 3318
Workplace Banská Bystrica